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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

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Blank/Invalid is known to be the world's most unsuccessful politician. Mr. Blank/Invalid has participated in countless elections, sometimes several per day. Although never winning, he has been more successful than Lyndon LaRouche in the ballot box.

As a child. Blank/Invalid showed great interest in leadership and a political career, yet was never noticed. This would prove a problem throughout his adult career. Blank/Invalid participates in almost every election, making many countries decide to include Blank/Invalid on the ballot by default. Despite this, Blank/Invalid never has managed to set up a political campaign that would allow him to get a significant number of votes.

In Guatemala, I. Blanco, candidate in the municipal elections of San Salmonella, has filed a legal protest against the participation of Blank/Invalid, participating in Spanish-speaking countries under the name Blanco/Invalido, in the same elections. After the electoral tribunual declared that the elections would be rigged anyway, Blanco decided not to insist any longer.

It is widely expected that Blank/Invalid will be participating in the United States Presidential Election of 2008, although he has not yet officially announced his bid. Rumoured vicepresidential candidates include None of the above, N/A, Answer understood, will not be counted and Other (please specify).

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