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Chairman Drek
Classification Blarg
Position Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman
Weapons Device that can fuck huge chunks off a planet, De-Planetizer (Basically made from Spare parts from a Certain space station). Planet Buster MAXIMUS, blows things to subatomic particles,downside is it is being held together by chicken wire, thats why the USA want one, innefective and liable to go horribly wrong.
Loyalty Himself
Barney Bunch
The Blarg
Axis of Evil-Doers
In it for Profit

Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek is the wonderful and kind leader of both the Barney Bunch and the big pink alien empire on the planet Orxon.


His History

Chairman Drek's history is a mystery. He is first seen on an infobot saying his planet is so polluted and overpopulated the Blarg were no longer able to dwell there. His solution was to build a new planet by extracting large portions of habitable planets. He knows that it will cause the planet to collide into the Sun, but said that sacrifices must be made. Here are the list of known planets he destroyed for his new planet:

Where the Wilde Things are

While the new Blarg planet was about 60% complete, Drek found the perfect orbit that will provide the perfect temperature and weather all year around. He couldn't move the new planet there becuase a desert, but habitable planet called Veldin, home to a hero named Ratchet, however, was occupying that orbit. He and the Blarg tried bombing the planet with the Planetbuster. Unfortunately, Ratchet shot down the bomber carrying the the bomb with an old AA gun before it could leave the bomb factroy on Hoven. When the new planet was complete and habitable, Drek built a laser called the Deplanetizer. He tells all the Blarg he was going to move the Deplanetizer on Veldin's surface and press the button to destroy it.

Drek, seen here telling the Planetary Chairman of Novalis that he is no longer welcome to Drek's flagship and has worn out his patience.

His Allies

Drek has several allies. After seeing a ship piloted by Ratchet and a mysterious robot named Clank, he order a one-time hero named Captain Qwark to deal with them. Qwark wanted to make a comeback and became the highly-paid official spokesman of Drek's planet. Since Qwark wasn't very skilled at ground combat he first lured Ratchet and Clank to his headquarters and let his demonic pet known as a snagglebeast to Fucking kill them. Drek was very disappointed about Qwark not kill the duo. But he gives Qwark a second chance and warns him to give Drek results. He then fUCks Wank to death.

His Family

Although his parents are still quite uncertain, DNA analysis has shown that Your Mom is his father, and Jack Thompson is his mother.

His plan

He intends to fuck various parts of various planets with his gay deplanetizer, making him a LOT like Michael Jackson. When the blarg move to this planet, he then intends to Terraform it to T-0 and start the process again.


After trying to blow up planet Veldin, he was catapulted to his new planet by his Deplanetizer while it was changing dircetions. The laser was then fired and blew up his new planet.

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