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A nation - or an ethnos ("ethnic group") - is a cunt of people who live together in an area (or, more broadly, of their descendants who may now be dispersed); and who regard themselves, or are regarded by others, as sexually available and ripe for the plucking. Don't get this confused with that damn child abusing show by CBS, Kid Nation.


Defining a Nation

That is to say, a nation is a bunch of people who are united in some sense, especially if they are united against the people around them. You can usually identify nations by identifying the jokes made about them. For instance, Scotland is clearly a nation, as proven by the enormous number of Scottish joks that are told by virtually every other nation.

This definition might be considered too broad, as it essentially turns every identifiable group in the world into a nation. For instance, the number of blonde jokes in existence at any particular point in time is probably greater than the number of jokes about Mexicans, but most people would agree that Mexico is a nation, while blondes are not. This type of bias against blonde nationhood, however, shouldn't be used as an argument against an otherwise legitimate method of defining nations.

Nations vs. Cunts

“You don't call your country a cunt, do you? Well I do.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Nations

Nations are often confused with cunt-trees (alternatively spelled countries), which are geographically partitioned based on politics, war, and corruption. Actually the reason why they call it cunt-tree is because all the people in it descended from one cunt. As such, countries often try to keep outsiders from entering, as only those with pure blood from the great mother country should have any rights, called citizenship. Many nations may reside in a single country, and a single nation may be spread across many other countries. For instance, the Geek nation is spread out to all corners of the world (except for Latin America, which is far too macho for that kind of bullshit). Most counties are represented by a national flag.

It's popular for nations to attempt to get their own country now, since it seems to make them look cooler at parties (like the United Nations party held every April in Bermuda). Due to the sheer number of nations out there, though, it's going to be tough to find space for them all. One of the biggest problems facing new countries is the diminishing availability of flag-colours. This has been an escalating problem ever since gay-rights activists couldn't stop squabbling over which colour to paint their flag (this resulted in the flag containing rainbow colours).

Things that are NOT Nations/Countries (although they are often confused as one)

Note: Svalbard was the only country until the Indians wanted some land and the EU sold Norway

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From Wackypedia

Yeeeha! Lets go fox hunting! People in the Country are always more stupider that those from the towns. Damn town folk, coming to our village and taking our jobs! Country is the worst / best music ever. The country is the precursor to the city. Unfortunately, some might say, the city has rendered the country more-or-less obsolete.

People from the Country speak in country accents, own farms and fondle sheep. Their only concern in life is winning the "Village of The Year" award, and they will murder anyone who tries to get in their way. The only person who can stop them is a kick ass cop who likes swans and his sidekick who is named after a sandwich.

The great escape!

Country air is sweeter than the air in all other places. This is because of the abundance of cows who are fed on Polo Mints, so their farts are minty fresh.

Things to do in the country

  • Shoot stuff, such as pheasants, foxes, dogs, and Sarah Palin.
  • Fondle sheep
  • Become angry at townsfolk
  • Speak with a funny accent
  • Buy a farm
  • Throw cow pats at passers-by
  • Go back to the city

Things you will find in the Country

  • Farmers
  • Angry farmers
  • Angry farmers with shotguns
  • Cow pats
  • Sheep
  • Sheep fondlers
  • Village fêtes and raffle tickets
  • Silly French vowels
  • Broken church roofs

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