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~ Jared/Eddy/Jib on Domokun
“Cool! Just like the above quote!”
~ small GSMC Committy(Jared/Eddy/Jib/anderson/jonorobatchi) on Domokun
~ James T. Kirk on Domo-kun
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Domo-Kun (Domo Sapiens) is a Grue and is the ruler of his home country, Japan, as well as the rest of the Grue Galactic Empire. He kills kittens every time you masturbate, please think of the kittens. There were debates as to whether or not Domo-Kun could kill God, but the truth is Domo-Kun IS God and nudles. Some have said that Domo-Kun is another evil plan of disney's, but this was debunked in his autobiography; "RAAAAAR RA RAR". Domo-Kun is the only grue known to have successfully fought off an Ubergrue. He is also known to be the only Grue who has mastered T-Fu. Domo was officially thought of in China. That's why he's called Domo-kun.

The Emergence of a DOMO

“A story goes.”
~ Tribute jib on The emergence of a HOMO
“...Woah, is he-like- stronger than me? Who dares challenge Olaf(Jibatchi)!?”
~ Olaf(Jibatchi) on domo's Battle/Challenge

While sweeping up the glass from the window his friend broke, Domo-Kun overheard the Powerpuff Girls going over a plot that would kill Little Mac. The girls were sick of Little Mac's epic run for the title taking attention away from them, and they had been formulating revenge ever since Little Mac beat Soda Popinski. Frantically, Domo-Kun rode on his bicycle to warn his friend, and reached him just as the girls were getting into position Drop an Elephant on Him. Unfortunately, Little Mac was got off-guard, and failed to dodge Domo-Kun, and the crash instantly decapitated him. Domo-Kun's grief was only increased when Mac's trainer Doc refused to listen to his explanation of what the fuck he had just done. A sobbing Domo-Kun was sent to his room. However, he finally snapped when the PPG flew by on the way to some open manholes, calling him a freak and a reject. In a rage, Domo-Kun went after them, bringing a stick he found on his way to the street. To the amazement of the PPG, he managed to fight off Professor Utonium's lightning

Domo and posse

strikes long enough to thwack the girls with his stick a dozen or so times, which shockingly caused considerable damage to the slutty (and incestuous) trio, who took to the skies. Domo-Kun, channelling his inner power, flapped his arms with enough force to cause an air resistance that allowed him to transcend gravity. In other words, he fucking flew, so he ain't getting on no plane!. Domo-Kun then shot a spew of fucking fireballs at his opponents, causing them to temporarily retreat, and put things in the hands of their minions. Fighting through a Robo-Dragon and a Penguin Armada, Domo-Kun intercepted the retreating whores, and shot them down with blasts of rage. Unfortunately, a last-second shot by one of the girls grazed Domo-Kun's arm, causing him to tumble along with the bitchy threesome. The four landed on a car, which Domo-Kun quickly destroyed in an instance of blind fury. In the chaos, the PPG flew away to their master, DeathAdder. Hitching a ride on a giant bird that just happened to be in the area, Domo-Kun fought his way through yet more enemies, including two giant Red Knights, who were revealed to be homosexual lovers in their final moments of life. He travelled into DeathAdder's throne room, and upon dispatching of the PPG yet again (this time asploding the three bitches), Domo-Kun finally faced off against the unholy ball-scratcher himself. He was victorious, despite minor setbacks such as being doused with the flames of Hell. Little Mac had been avenged.

Domo-Kun demonstrating the Kamehameha wave to local passer-by.
He is also the coolest thing that has ever lived and him and his copanians will take of the world once again.

The Aftermath


When he returned to his home town, Domo-Kun realized he could no longer live a normal life. He dedicated himself to making the world a better place for the grues, which had become disorganized due to the lack of a leader. He travelled across the world, and tracked down the remaining grues until they were thousands in number. But the grues needed a home, a place to build their own civilization. Thus did Domo-Kun channel his power to reactivate Vesuvius, and launching the molten lava into the middle of the Pacific Ocean where it cooled instantly, forming an island thousands of miles in diameter. Domo-Kun then teleported to the island where he spent seven hours creating a paradise of mile high buildings, majestic forests, and free cable using nothing but the pure energy coursing through his body. In this land the grues lived in peace for many years. But then the outside world grew jealous, and declared war on the grues. Big mistake. With no effort at all, Domo-Kun quickly decimated the human soldiers. Knowing that they were doomed, the humans decided that if they were going down, the grues were going down with them. The used duct tape to combine every single nuclear weapon, creating a missile of death weighing 4 trillion tons, with the explosive power of a thousand supernovas. Domo-Kun flew into space to meet the missile, and he unleashed a Gallickamaehabeamcannaiokendestructobomb, a technique that took over nine thousand episodes for Goku to charge up. The blast detonated the missile, and with the last of his infinite power, Domo-Kun opened his mouth and swallowed the explosion. His organs exploded, yet his impenetrable skin and titanium bones contained the blast. He plummeted to Earth, but during atmospheric re-entry, a miracle occurred. Domo-Kun, while burning up, farted. The nuclear explosion, combined with his superhuman gas, recreated Domo-Kun's innards, and he regained consciousness in time to make a three point landing. When his fellow grues finished applauding, cheering, and orally servicing our hero, Domo-Kun spoke a single profound statement.

The Ubergrue Battle and formation of the Grue Galactic Empire

“GO Go Domo!”
~ Jib on Domo Capturing amy rose
“Coincidence!? I Think NOT!”
~ ye olden jib on Domo Fighting and Capturing Amy
Soon after becoming leader of the Grues, the Grue Kingdom started panicking when half of the human-eating expedition disappeared and were reportedly eaten by an Ubergrue. Domo-Kun ordered scouts to find the Ubergrue. It was found a few seconds later when a Grue 7 feet away pointed at half the island which was crumbling to the ground. No Grue would go to fight it. But Domo bravely tried to attack the Ubergrue. Out of nowhere, the Ubergrue fired it's laser, but Domo blocked it with his belly-button missile, then pummeled the ground, which caused the Earth to fall down. He then attacked the Ubergrue with a tree, but the tree got cut into a gazillion pieces and gave Domo TWO DIFFERENT SPLINTERS. The Ubergrue inhaled Domo like a noob. Domo spent 2 weeks inside the Ubergrue's mouth, feeding on the humans it ate and sharpening his teeth on the Ubergrue's bone. He then finally managed to pick off it's tooth and gag it with it. Domo jumped out and used his sharp teeth to cut the Ubergrue's skin open. The Ubergrue then got really ticked off and started pounding the ground, causing the entire island to sink into the ocean. But Domo started pounding atoms together with his hands and eventually made Ununoctium. He stuck it in the Ubergrue's wound and then sealed it up with duct tape. He then proceeded to puke in it's face. Domo-Kun teleported off the island as fast as he could and the Ubergrue exploded, completely pwning the already asploding island. He then united all the Grues, Ubergrues, Eurgs, Godzilla etc. to create the Grue Galactic Empire, which still owns, as only Chuck Norris doesn't fear attacking the resultant Grue army and GSMC (not to be confused with the USMC). Heil Domo. It had to be seen whether Domo was still fit to lead the Grues after his battle with the Ubergrue, which led to the deaths of many innocent Grue. Domo would then fight Amy Rose to Mysto and Pizzi's remix of Somebody's watching me, and win, capturing her in the process. Nothing says leadership like owning SEGA characters, and capturing them, which means he still leads the Grues by virtue of winning that fight. To date, Domo-Kun has aslo owned the LCPD, SAPD, LSPD, LVPD, MDPD, VCPD, SFPD, and LAPD thanks to tip offs from a Serbian immigrant called Niko Bellic, then in 2033, he and Godzilla defended Tokyo from joint Filipino Empire and Korean forces. For one week, the two heroes held off the evil, until they finally blasted them with Kamehameha waves, and Japan was saved from slavery. Domo FTW!!!!!!!!!!!
The epic clash between Domo and Amy Rose. Note how powerful Domo is; Amy is filled with fear on seeing Domo, which shows how awesome Domo is. Coinicidence? I think not.
“Cool! Just like the above quote! Not! So ?'
~ small GSMC Committy(Jared/Eddy/Jib/anderson/jonorobatchi) on Domokun
Did you know...
...that Domo-kun has a oath given by God to kill a kitten every time someone masturbates(even when women do)

Titles and honours

The love of his people means that Domo has been showered with many awards. As well as the 'Being Domo-kun Special Medal' he also holds the 'Being Domo-kun Patriotic Star' and the 'Being Domo-kun Extra Special Medal'. He has also been recognised internationally: Vladimir Putin awards him the 'Josef Stalin Award for Violent Suppression of Opposition' every year and he is the eternal winner of the 'Slobodan Milosevic Prize for Pretend Democracy' (for life). He has also won the 'Mr Savior (Japan)' award a record infinite times (2033 and onwards). Domo was also an honorary British Knight of the Garter but he was stripped of this in 2008 to which he responded "Fuck that old bitch, I don't want her cracker medal and I didn't need it". After this, Domo was raised to the position of President of the 'Fuck Britain Society (Japanese branch)'.

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