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A Fritz the Cat in its natural habitat, a hippie bathroom orgy.
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Fritz the Cat is a porno film directed by John Holmes. While shooting, stars Dick Cheney and Colin Powell were repeatedly hit in the face with shovels, leading to a series of plastic surgeries. The duo never recovered from their injuries and retired from the pornography industry. They joined the Republican party and went into politics. Because no one would take part in the film, production was soon shut down. Eventually a young animator named John Kricfalusi took over the project. Coincidentally, Fritz the Cat was also the title of an underground comic strip created by Robert Crumb, and so the film was changed not only into an animated film, but an adaptation of the comic book. Crumb took heavy amounts of drugs throughout shooting and claims to dislike the film, although he never saw it because he was too high to view a single movie during this period.

The film grossed zillions of dollars and was followed by a billion sequels. Today, it is considered to be the greatest movie of all time. Fritz, the star of the film series, eventually became a rap producer, involved with albums by the Insane Clown Posse. Fritz was also associated with the Wu-Tang Clan, whom are all credited as fans of Fritz's 1975 film Street Fight, also known as Fight Club. Fritz ran for president of the United States in 1992 and was elected the winning candidate against Napoleon Dynamite. Fritz served two candidacies before being succeeded by Satan. Despite frequent sex scandals, Fritz was the most popular president in American history.

Kricfalusi would eventually create the first homosexual cartoon characters, Ren & Stimpy. Although Crumb now has more money than God, he revealed his disdain towards the film series (or maybe just that crappy sequel with the different director that nobody liked, except maybe a few insane people) by ending the comic strip in a story where Fritz is killed by an insane former lover. Oops, I probably should have added a spoiler before that. Some believe that Fritz the Cat was scored by Jimi Hendrix, but they are high.

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