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Green Day
Green Day
Term of office: January 20, 2009 – January 22, 2009
Preceded by: Jesus Christ
Succeeded by: Jello Biafra
Date of birth: 1969
Place of birth: Minnesota (Hell)
First Lady: Yoko Ono
Political party: The Green Day Party

Green Day was a polka / grindcore band from California, although claiming to be from Belgium. The members of Green Day got together in the early twentieth century after an advert was left in Heat magazine asking if any scientists or inventors wanted to join a musical combo. With their combined intellect, they discovered the secret of longevity, and were able to live longer than the expected. Mike Dirnt was previously known as Albert Einstein, Billy Joel as Thomas Edison, and Tre Cool the lesser known Travis Cockburn. The band actually got their name from Albert Einstein's final words to the public before his apparent death. He was quoted as saying "My boy, it will be a green day before you see me again".

For a period of 25 hours, they were the Presidents of the United States.



Waaaay back, sometime before computers, Green Day did not exist. Instead, it was two different bands: The Lookouts (with Tre Cool and two other losers) and Sweet Children (Billy Joel, Mike Dirnt, and some guy named John Kiffmeyer), which was named after Michael Jackson's nickname for the band members at the time. Then in late 1988, the two bands merged, killed all the useless members, and became the juggernaut known as Green Day. For a time of two weeks afterwards, the superhero Red Green was the singer for the group, before Oprah consumed him while he slept.

Early Days

An early picture of Green Day that they will totally never regret.

The band enjoyed moderate success in the early '40s, with some nausea, itchiness, death, and diarrhea as a side effect. Their first album,1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, was just 90 EPs put together. Five people liked it, which was a smashing success for Green Day. Their next album was Kablooie! and it was a failure. The band ended up paying dump trucks to transport billions of copies and bury them in a New Mexico landfill. Green Day's fanbase was appalled, and, for a while, both of them abandoned the band completely.

Dookie and Insomniac

With luck, determination, and a little voodoo, Green Day hit it big with their groundbreaking album, Dookie. This album received many awards, including a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album, blueish pink certification, and the Award For Best Album Whose Title Is A Synonym For Shit. The first single from the album, Longview, is about masturbation, and was all the band could remember after an extensive acid trip. The last track of the album, F.O.D., is an acronym for 'Fuck Off and Die'. This was before the invention of Democrats, and therefore before the invention of censorship, so all the little kids went out and bought this. Songs from Dookie were performed at the 1994 Woodstock festival, also called Mudstock, because Billy Joel thought it was funny to stage the biggest mud battle of all times while performing on stage. Next came Insomniac, an album that was somehow darker than Dookie; hell, the cover art is called "God Told Me To Skin You Alive", which is taken from the Dead Kennedys song "I Kill Children". It seems that they couldn't think of anything clever. With songs concerning, meth use, insomnia, greedy children, and more drug use, this beat out Dookie's "questionable content" amount, but not by much. Alas, people didn't care about this one, so it was given to poor children.

Nimpod, Working, Intranational Supershits! and Shenanigoats

A few years later after the Insomniac thing, and the 3 members had caught up on their sleep, they released Nimpod. At this time, Mike Dirnt tried to sue Apple for stealing part of this album's name and using it for their newfangled iPods. iPods didn't exist yet, so the lawsuit was overturned, and Dirnt had rocks thrown at him. There were a few decent-ish songs, but possibly the most famous one from this album was the acoustic "ballad", entitled "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)". It reached #1 Doubleplus Good on the World Music Charts, and can now be heard at any dance, wedding, funeral, Bar Mitzvah, trial, concert, shuffleboard competition, etc. Looking back on this song's success, Billy Joel commented, "Jesus, what have I done?", and injected something into his arm.

Next came Working, which was very popular with the foot-stompin', rootin'-tootin' crowd, but nobody else. This album was the inspiration for the "Beverly Hillbillies". After a while (2 weeks), they got bored and released "Intranational Supershits!" to promote their greatness, and to let them sleep at night thinking they have some greatest hits. No one talks about this album. Ever. It is FORBIDDEN. During spring cleaning one year, they released Shenanigoats to reduce the clutter in the studio. Ten people bought the album, but only 6 knew it existed. Chew on that one for a while.

Canadian Idiot

Along with Canadian Idiot, Green Day also included Wikipedian Idiot as a hidden track in the album. Lyrics by Jimbo Wales.

On or around 2004, Green Day released their most recent and most famous album, Canadian Idiot. The album was actually created just to rid the band of their crushing boredom, but ended up becoming Triple-Ultra Platinum, and was determined as doubleplusgood by Minitrue. It tells a story of some sort, but I don't feel like going into detail. There's already an article on it.

21st Century Cash-In

In 2009, despite the fact that the hits from Canadian Idiot were still pretty much dominating the ever-increasingly-desperate-for-decent-music airwaves, Billy Joel released a solo album of him playing acoustic songs, featuring the rest of the band on "Know Your Enema" and "East Jesus, er... attempt at politcal statement? Sure, why not?". Eyebrows have been been raised amongst the music press, given the fact that the entire band died after their inauguaration as president(s), to which Green Day's managers simply shrugged and made a reference to Tu-Pac.

I suppose it's just a mystery.

Anyway the album features a collage of cartoon strips drawn by Gerrad Way and a collection of images Tre Cool found on Google. The songs aren't that great either.


Green Day during their presidential campaign.

In the middle of their Canadian Idiot tour, the members of Green Day were informed that they were running in the Presidential race against Dubya. Even though there were only 2 weeks left until Election Day. Feeling sorry for President Bush, Green Day allowed him to be President for 25 hours. Allah, the democratic candidate, was so pissed, that he shate on the Republicans. Green Day had a very successful presidency; during their 25 hours in office, they managed to put in place a law which forced radio stations and music channels to play their songs incessantly. They also managed to shave the people of Africa (due to an embarrassing yet hilarious typo), the children, and the Queen. During the presidency, Billy Joel is also said to have stripped naked and run around the White House lawn while playing grab ass with Monica Lewinsky. Billy Joel said in a 2005 interview if they win the election he will go to the door of everyone that voted for him and play Canadian Idiot in their bathroom.

Fucking Hot Tubs

After being president for 25 hours they were devastated by not destroying life on earth and converting all people to become emo because of their short office term. They soon thereafter decided to go back to drugs which messed with their brains so much they thought it would be a good idea to make a new band under the name Fucking Hot Tubs and make 60's music popular again. It is also well known they fired That Other Guy That Nobody Cares About.


The accident that claimed the lives of Green Day, as well as a man in a bunny suit.

Two days after their inauguration, Green Day went on a drinking and loving spree (later, this became the real-life inspiration for Tre's song, DUI). In their tri-state binge, each of them consumed an estimated two gallons of beer, vodka, rat urine and turpentine. In the wee hours of the morning, they crashed their go-carts, causing a violent explosion that killed all three. Then, just because it looked cool, they all burst into flames.

Their remains are currently buried in a shoebox in Paris Hilton's fake breasts. Paris Hilton had this to say on their funeral:

"I will always remember Billy Joel as my pimp and personal slave. I loved the way he would touch my penis and tell Tré Cool not to look, but he would anyway. He touched me, literally."


Current lineup

  • Billy Joel Neil Armstrong - air guitar, un-ironic Johnny Rotten-esque vocals, pretending to be political so he can seem more "punk", C'MON PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR LET ME SEE YOUR LIGHTERS!!!!!!!! (1987-present)
  • Mike Dirnt - coughing, laughing, coffee making, bass (1987-present)
  • LL Cool Tré - chinese cymbals, harpsicord, rock-paper-scissers, keytar, Rock Band 100, pulling his only testicle out at random (1990-present)
  • Jason White - lead guitar (but Billy Joel doesn't want you to know that.) (1999-present)

Billy Joel Neil Armstrong

While rumors report that Billy has caught the molten gay, there is no confirmation.

The youngest of 2,778 Tazmanian children, his parents were both small mutha truckers. He was named after his real father, DA PIANO MAN, but his mother couldn't read so she done spelled it wrong at first. His signature guitar, Mauve, a Jackson copy, has been with him since he was 2, and has 30 pounds of stickers on it. There isn't much to say about him, except he is a Muslim, and he has 406 illegitimate children with 588 mail order brides off of eBay. Billy plays a Les Paul Junior, which is like a regular Les Paul guitar, but for pussies. His excuse to justify this is that he was born with "small hands". Billy Joel is married to about 64 Asian hookers, whom he met on their tour with Jimmy Drink Earth in Ulan Bator.

In 2005, Armstrong was awarded the "Biggest Ego in America" award, immediately after the release of "Bullet in a Bible". He was nominated for the same award in 2007, but lost to Axl Rose.

Mike Dirnt

The bassist for Green Day. He was born in a hotel room that floated to California while his mother was working as a part-time magician. He is half-Injun and half-Cracka. Very few people really like him, but he's still more popular than That Other Guy That Nobody Cares About. He once admitted to hitchiking across the Sahara on a souped-up Big Rig driven by Charlie Chaplin.

Tré Cool

Tré Cool is the bassoonist and drummer for Green Day. According to Billy Joel, he snorts crushed up sweet tarts and smokes facial hair. His many antics have been present since the start of the band, and peaked when he bit the head off of a roadie during a 1995 show. He also has lots of pets. He owns a scooter libby, 20 ferrets, 43 pigeons, 2 warthogs and 13 retarded chickens. He is famous for his world record orgy involving seventy-two virgin monkeys. He was quoted as saying, "I didn't think I'd be able to do it. I'm glad I didn't break a stick, if you know what I mean."

A little known fact is that he got a doctorate in Canadien Philosophy, but was kicked out of Ontario University because he had "White and Nerdy" on his Zune.

What's-his-name off that thing

Although never affiliated with the band, he is the sole reason for their success. His first appearence with the band was in late 1994, where he manned the stage lights. Very quickly, his uncontrollable addiction to cats led to his own firing. He also is the reason for the popularity of The Beatles, The Monkees, The Mr T Experience, Led Zeppelin, Geddy Lee, and every single rapper ever, except for Fitty and Gay-Fed. He also brought the down fall of vegemite in the USA (you Americans may not know this substance because of him).

That Other Guy That Nobody Cares About

The unofficial 'fourth member of Green Day' (aka Jason White), is the only surviving "member", because nobody cares about him. This paragraph is likely to be the most amount of information ever collected about him. For further info, think of anything else. He was the most talented member of the band though because he is the actual guitar player, while Billy Joel just mimes, (while still "singing", and possibly stripping). When asked about that other guy, the other members looked confused and then turned to him and asked him if he knew who the other guy was. He has been mentally confused since.


Also Bionicle and Piggies (the album that would have been Canadian Idiot) would have been made if the demo tapes had not been burnt into a hole in the ground due to kitten huffers. Bionicle and Piggies was to be the sequel to their previous album Working until the master tapes were given to kitten huffers as a birthday present, who proceded to burn it into a hole in the ground. Frontman Billy Joel said that the burning was, quote, "as trippy as hole". Billy Joel was later reported as saying that this tragic incident, several school bus accidents, and the huffage of all those sweet innocent kittens led to the final inspiration of German Idiot.

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