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Juan Pablo Montoya is the Latino that owns a five-star restaurant in Farmers Branch, Texas and insists on every third Sunday of month being Latino night. Montoya insists that Barack Obama finally realizes that basketball will never replace soccer or car racing. He likes his mother, I Love Lucy, Christianity, and Colombian coffee (for which he simply calls 'caw-feeee').

The only places where Juan Pablo Montoya is a hero are Japan, any Spanish speaking country, and (oddly enough) in Italy where they like anyone who can drive more than 200 miles per hour without getting a speeding ticket. Despite his incredible image, the unlicensed and totally pirated Super NES game Juan Pablo Montoya's No Fear Racing only sold 250 copies (and got banned in Iowa for teaching that science is more important than religion). People knew that it was NASCAR Racing 2003 except it was in Spanish and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was replaced with Juan Pablo Montoya driving in his #42 Department of Homeland Security Honda Civic with his crew chief being called I. Willdeportya.

Montoya is married to Connie Freydall, who cooks American-style roast beef and mashed potatoes for her husband after every race (trying to get him to eat American as opposed to Mexican). They have two sons, Rey Mysterio and the Spanish announcer that always does those fútbol football soccer matches on Gol TV. In his free time he is enjoys blogging about professional wrestling, which he insists is a real sport. Montoya was a full time racer on the Potato Chip Grease racing team, where he learned to release his inner redneck and become one with the beer. When Teddy Ruxpin bought 50% of the team, the name changed to Potato Chip Grease Racing With Foreigners. By foreigners, they meant anyone who wasn't born in the United States or Canada. Dale Earnhardt Senior's widow purchased the team in 2009 and turned all the Dodge vehicles in the world into Chevrolet vehicles.




After winning the Bush series race in Mexico City, Juan Pablo found Prince Albert in a can and ran for dictator in British Columbia. Unfortunately, he lost the election and his racing has suffered recently. After doing badly at the race in Talladega, Juan was notified that he will never will a race in an oval track. While this upsetted Montoya at first, he realizes that Jimmie Johnson will never win a road course, things returned back to normal and he went to his trailer to masturbate to Jennifer Lopez.

On June of 2007, Juan Pablo Montoya finally won his first NASCAR victory at Infineon Speedway (titled The Tragedy at Infineon). The rest of the summer was spent fending off death threats from Ricky Bobby and Darrell Waltrip, so he summoned the dark arts and created a television so that he would watch Pokemon. Meanwhile, his evil twin was making him lose races, so when Superman released him from the curse, they was no way to win the championship. Therefore, Montoya's goal for next year (2008) is to end the season in 13th place so that his little wife can make a trophy for him. That would be a big improvement from 2007 for him.


After being given award for being NASCAR's resident greaseball, wetback, and spic, Juan Pablo is focusing on eventually winning an oval track. He is training himself by playing Gran Turismo 4 and Pole Position. At the Daytona 500 this year, he actually finished the race. He is expected to finish all 40 races this year while filming his new advertisements for Taco Bell, Tourism Mexico, Spike Lee's Nike sneaker commercials (featuring Air Juan Pablos), and the newest Batman movie all the same time. In the Batman movie, he plays the Joker while Heath Ledger does his voice from beyond the grave. Since Juan Pablo Montoya is a racer and not a "real celebrity," Heath Ledger would get the Oscar by default. During the 2008 season, it was revealed that Juan Pablo Montoya uses heroin. While racing at the Wizard of Oz 500 at Kansas City, he used heroin to go faster. NASCAR disallowed his fastest lap time of 15 seconds and made him go to the back of the pack. Since cheating is not allowed in NASCAR (neither is Cheat-O-Matic on NASCAR 09), Juan Pablo was put in the "Hall of Shame" in Kansas City along with the Wicked Witch of the West, Osama bin Laden, Bill Clinton, and the 1978 Paramount Television logo.

Prior to the start of the 2008 season, he had sex with Casey Mears' girlfriend. Using the skills that he learned on MacGuyver (the show he used to learn how to understand English), he got the NASCAR world to believe that Casey Mears is going to have a bastard child in October. With the special DNA manipulation gear that he bought from a defunct genetics lab for a buck, he extracted Casey Mears' DNA and applied to his sperm before putting his big olive dick inside the pussy of Casey Mears' female companion. By the time Casey Mears returned to his unwed better half, Juan Pablo took his flying motorcycle and flew off to Talladega.


The beginning

As of 2009, there has been some merging of racing teams due to the Second Great Depression. Potato Chip Grease Racing With Foreigners officially become Potato Chip Grease Racing With Foreigners and Teresa Earnhardt on January 1, 2009 at 12:01 in the morning. Juan Pablo will have new white friends to race around in circles with 500 times including Martin True-ass Junior (his ass has not been surgically implanted). While there were rumours that Juan Pablo Montoya's new ride was going to be awesome, the boys at the environmental office forced him to introduce the 80-horsepower piece of shit in its NASCAR debut (later souped up to 85-horsepower after his terrible performance at Infineon) under the threat of lawsuits and possible deportation. That machine was simply known as the the #42 Barney y Sus Amigos Chevrolet Aveo.

The middle

Juan tried to read "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" but found it too hard because there was no pictures and none of the words were in Spanish; just English and German. NASCAR declared him illiterate and made him do a 30-page essay on the history of NASCAR in order to get his "literate Mexican" status back. Otherwise, he would have been stripped of his license and booted back to Mexico. Juan has never had swine flu and will never go back to his homeland of Mexico just for the swine flu experience. The swine flu did cancel the Mexican Grand Prix for the next 30 years and Juan is a bit pissed off about that because he used to eat fresh Canadian pork after the race. Montoya has also signed up for Wikipedia and frequently writes about himself. He also vandalized pages about Kevin Harvick and Jimmie Johnson. As a Wikipedian, Juan has improved his literacy skills (but in Spanish). He can still not read books without pictures or Spanish in them. Here is the secret: Juan Pablo Montoya used Spanish Wikipedia; not English Wikipedia. Instead of using the worl "bi-otch", Juan refers to people who attempt to revert his "fine work" as mi hija.

The late season

Juan's latest project is to read all 1,001 chapters of La Singularidad está Cerca by Raymond Kurzweil (all of them in Spanish without a word of English to confuse old Juan Pablo). People did not realize it was a cover-up to frame Kyle Busch by buying cannabis with Kurt Busch and placing the illegal drugs in Kyle's locker (causing a Mr. Mike Helton to get angry and kick him out NASCAR indefinitely). At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Juan almost won the race until they found the illegal Indy Car parts that he borrowed from Danica Patrick; he ended up finishing in 14th place. When he appeared at Watkins Glen two weeks later, he was watching his fellow illegal immigrant and butt buddy Marcos Ambrose make quick work out of Kyle Petty and Joey Logano. When asked why he showed up to the track one day before his race, Montoya responded "Mi poder es el amor de los hombres" (translation according to Google: I like men who can race for 100 laps and win a fucking race.) After that comment, Juan went over to his trailer to listen to Carlos Santana.

Now that Juan Pablo's in the chase, his contract is expiring with Mrs. Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and they are threatening to deport him back to his homeland. Once there, he plans to go back to Formula One because they never race in North America anymore (Canada may be included in the 2100 Formula One season however but Juan will be dead long before he gets his Formula One license back).

Near the end of the year, Montoya broke a qualifying record. He turned into a Fireball Roberts but managed to survive when the firemen poured Aquaman on him. Using his pole position in that Sunday's race, he almost won the race in a prototype Chevy Aveo while everyone was driving Porsche that day. It was rumored that Juan Montoya gave Kyle Busch the jungle flu; Montoya was a carrier but was completely immune to his disease due to his jungle heritage and being raised in a rain forest (which got chopped down when Montoya turned 18 by those greedy white men). One day after practice, Juan was caught listening to some Freddy Fender. When asked he was was hogging the team's radio to listen to Spanish music, Juan replied "Creo que eso es que está en mi clase socioeconómica a escuchar esta canción clásica."


Despite rumors of him being deported due to lack of employment, Montoya will drive the #69 Friends of Dorothy Chevy Aveo (Theresa Earnhardt's personal vehicle that she drives to work in every morning while taking her crybaby stepson Dale Jr. to see his psychatrist). However, the contract says that he's not allowed to touch the vehicle on days that Dale Jr needed a refill of his medication and needs to go to the psychatrist - every Monday of each month - because of medical laws. Rumors have been spread on less reputable websites stating that he is a good friend of Dorothy and had sex with her son. However, a more respectable bunch of people state that "he's straight and would call Dorothy's son a 'battyman'." There are still a small amount of people that still think that he is a homosexual and Dorothy would make a great mother-in-law for him. God responded by saying Montoya is not gay and the Pope told all the good Roman Catholics not to name their kid Dorothy. Since then, the Wizard of Oz has been on the Roman Catholic Church's list of banned movies because of "extremely high Dorothy content."

Juan Pablo Montoya will be spotted at Kissimmee, Florida at Old Town's Mexicano Night (February 7). He will be the one MCing the occasion along with Mario Lopez and Mario Mario. His favorite thing is to chant "La Coo-ka-racha" to get the Mexicans ready for the quarter to be rolled down the hill. That usually starts the Mexican parade unless the local white supremacists (usually named Billy Bob, Daisy Mae, Annabelle, Elly Mae, or Dick Trickle) are staying overnight at the Seralago Motel. Rumors are spreading that Juan usually stays at the Nickelodeon Motel on International Drive and is rarely seen on the same street as Old Town USA.


  • like fast cars (he's been to Formula 1)
  • likes women is married to Connie Freydall former hottie model
  • like fast music
  • speaks decent English but can hardly read a word of it
  • has three pet chupacabras
  • weighs just a bit more than his NASCAR automobile
  • has a cool paint scheme
  • likes to take out pompous jerks like Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick


  • He wants the bees to go extinct and the apes to take over our civilization.
  • He believes that global warming is good and tries to defend it.
  • applied to be a member of The Justice League of Jesus but was denied because he refused to accept English as the official language of the League
  • His great-grandfather was turned down admission to America for having AIDS (100 years ahead of time). Instead, he ended up going to Mexico where people never cared.
  • His kind were proud of the jobs that got through American/Canadian companies outsourcing all those years until the recession of '08 came. They even lost all their jobs in Mexico anyway and they still worry about them 16 years later in the year 2025.

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