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From Alternative History

The Netherlands is a constituent state of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Ireland. The Netherlands entered a personal union with England and Scotland in 1689, when the Stadtholder William of Orange was invited to become King William III of England and II of Scotland.

The Netherlands were abolished as a distinct entity in 1752 with the Act of Union, which merged the kingdoms of England, Scotland, and the Netherlands into a new United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Netherlands. In 1792, during the early stages of the Second Global War, the French invaded the Netherlands establishing a Batavian Republic, later Kingdom of Holland, and then directly annexed to France. After Napoleon's downfall, the British sought to reintegrate the Netherlands and Ireland, which was accomplished in the Reunification Act of 1817, which re-established the Netherlands as a constituent state of the new United Kingdom of Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Ireland.

After the Reunification Act, the title of Stadtholder was restored. However, under the present government, the stadtholder is an elected official who administers the state for the king, something like the Prime Minister in the British states.

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