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When Peter Jackson's there, you don't need the magnifying glass
“Wear short sleeves! Support your right to bare arms!”
~ Peter Jackson on 2nd Amendment
“He may be my brother, but that motherfucker sho' is heavy!”
~ Samuel L. Jackson on Peter Jackson

Sir Peter Jackson is a well known director and movie director who directs directed movies. His exploits as the director of movies such as "The Lord of the Rings" series, and "King Kong" have left Jackson with a very popular fan-base. As such, this fan base has even created a wiki in his name, Peter Jackson Wiki, which has become one of the most popular wikis in the wikia family, and, as such, is a example on how all of the wikis should be run.


Weight issues

Peter had trouble negotiation through the buildings of New York, believed to be translated into his early film 'King Kong and the problem of obesity in cities where the streets are too narrow'. The film was a flop.

After Directing King Kong in 1933, Peter Jackson escaped New York and moved to South Africa where he introduced racial segregation, subsequently turning all black people into alien life forms. With a million or so 'prawns' as evidence, Peter decided that he must rid the evidence to avoid being caught by Team America: World Police. This led to his inevitable weight gain, and a bad stomach. Without the ability to see either of his feet, nor reach at his crotch, Peter could no longer watch television whilst having a good old scratch. He quickly had himself harnessed and used a Chinook helicopter to move him to New Zealand, where he grew a beard. In later years Peter Ventured into the depths of middlesex, a county in England. The people here were so ugly, it inspired him to write a story about the troubles of midgets in a world of ugly things.

Some say that the curvature of his stomach was identical to that of the earth, and that his belly button signifies the end of the world.

Peter Jackson Wiki

What a man this must be, to have his own wiki, named after him. And what a wiki it is. It was started in 2008 by one man, a lone warrior, fighting to keep the exploits of Peter Jackson known to the greater world. And, after one year, had a total of eight(8) whole articles. It was, agreeably, a slow start for the upstart wiki. However, in June of 2009, the site unexpectedly took off. The reasons for this are quite mysterious. However, no fewer than 30 new articles appearing within a 6-day period from June 19 2009 - June 26 2009. Such amazing writings of Peter Jackson had not been seen previously on the wiki, or elsewhere. Great writings, such as The Mating Habits and Migratory Patterns of Peter Jackson, Brain go bye-bye juice, Prosthetic Foot Fetishes, and Hobbit Sex. Peter Jackson himself could not have been prouder. With so many intimate details of his life being publicised, he was happy to see that the public was as interested in his life as he was.


Over the Lord of the Rings series many critics have said that they struggled to understand the movie. This was for the fact the Peter Jackson's gut covered the lens and what the audience actually saw during the fight scenes was just his breakfast fighting his lunch. Ever since this happened he vowed to ditch his gut so his awful shirts he wears would actually look half decent.

He has also been referred to as a hobbit during his school days. The kids weren't wrong...

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