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“Please tell me that's a typo.”
~ Oscar Wilde on robot pirate ghosts
~ Samuel L. Jackson on robot pirate ghosts
“No, no... pirate robot ghosts implies that they're robot ghosts who became pirates, where as robot pirate ghosts implies they were already pirate ghosts who became robots.”
~ Korn on robot pirate ghosts

Robot Ghost Pirates, or Robot Pirate Ghosts as they wish to be called, are the smart and often friendly people that traverse the space of South Africa looking for planets to burn and Captain Quarks to slaughter.



Robot pirate ghosts first appeared in the year 3040 (because of a time machine invented by George Lucas) after the dreaded pirate, Captain Blackstar, died after being shot by Dick Cheney. Since Blackstar was an 80% robotic being, his ghost had retained all the robotic components his living body had, thus resulting in him returning as a robot pirate ghost (because he was 80% robotic, was a pirate, and was a ghost!) Robot ghost pirates currently roam the Earth and can often be sighted near Detroit and areas near the South Pole.

Common robot pirate ghost.

Range and Weakness

George W. Bush is in fact a robot ghost pirate.
Captain Blackstar (the oldest and wisest Robot Pirate Ghost. His favorite snack is baby panda bear meat.)

Robot pirate ghosts come in many forms and many of them (including Captain Blackstar) have the ability to shape-shift to strike fear into their enemies, rivals, or anyone they plan on looting. Most robotic pirate ghosts also have a tendency to self destruct if they are in a car. This can give the enemy an advantage if surrounded or trapped by robot pirate ghosts to get rid of them. This will only work though if the victim of such a scenario knows of this fatal weakness.


Picard doesn't like this article.

When robot ghost pirates encounter a human, they will usually not be interested in interaction and will howl a hardy pirate-ghost howl at the human, in hopes to scare it away. In rare cases, the creatures have attacked and captured humans, taking them to their lairs spread across the sea bottom. No one is aware of what the ghost-pirates do to their captives beyond that point. Some robot ghost pirates can have rabies and will go on a rampage that can only be stopped by the elder robot ghost pirates.

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