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“I knew that guy”
~ that girl that sat on that guy
“That One Guy looks like this guy only inverted.”
Which Guy?



Often confused for That Guy, That One Guy is actually the long-lost twin brother of This One Guy. He is also known by his less popular name, Some Random Guy. Some think him to be one and the same with Anonymous, but they are really two separate people. Though Anonymous did write That One Guy's biography, which became a big hit in many countries, especially in Iceland. Leaving behind the family tradition of huffing, he took up instead, watercolors. He spent an extensive amount of time on the countryside, until he realized most babes didn't live in the country. He is said to have once unknowingly seen That Guy while painting in Yorkshire, as one of his paintings shows a mysterious man picking berries.

Contributions to Society

That One Guy claimed to have invented The Wheel, Mathematics, the pyramids, UFOs, fire, Area 51, and Las Vegas. He may in fact, be the original Santa. His effects can still be felt all over the world to this day, and he is thought to be the culprit that stole the script to Pirates of the Caribbean: Deadman's chest halfway through shooting.

He also is credited with coming up with Goullym's Law, which he named after some random guy: math.

That One Guy is seen standing with This Guy, and his brother, That Guy. (He is on the far right).

Private Life

That One Guy was the strong, silent type, was slimmer than his brother, and quite the intellectual. He occasionally read philosophers like Nietzsche and have dabbled a bit in identity theft (That one guy stole your credit card). He also dated Your Mom: that time she saw that one guy. He is said to have tried his luck in love with many women over the centuries; he is reported to have shared some documents of unknown origin with Oscar Wilde and the two of them (and perhaps others) have become true "Immortals." They are said to have been scouring Wikipedia ever since, pretending to be professional individuals with education, intimidating others from editing with their completely fabricated mod-like powers. Many helpless, unknowing have fallen prey to their dastardly ways. He was an original member of One of those Guys.

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