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F0t0m4n223: D00d ive totly seen this b4

Video Game Wars

In Development

War: Image:ICOUnited Kingdom.pngImage:ICOTaiwan.pngImage:ICOChina.pngImage:ICOCanada.pngImage:ICOUnited States of America.pngImage:ICOSoviet Union.pngImage:ICOPoland.pngImage:ICOFrance.png vs. Image:ICOGermany.pngImage:ICOItaly.pngImage:ICOJapan.pngImage:ICOChina.png


Prelude to war

DaFuhrer Strikes First

*DaFuhrer has entered the game*

*DaFuhrer takes over for player: WeimaRep

DaFuhrer: sweet. j00z and c0munizts are da suxorz!!!one!!11!!!!!1!1eleven!11!1!11!

*DaFuhrer occupies Rhinoland!*

*Franc3 has entered the game*

*YouKay has entered the game*

Franc3: d00d you can't do that. look at the r00lz!!

DaFuhrer: fux dat i make my on rulz lol

DaFuhrer: but i do want peace. just want to make the reich whole again.

*Marlboro Man is no longer idle.*

Marlboro Man: YouKay we should do som3thing about DaFuhrer. that dude wants war.

YouKay: Nah, war sucks. Besides he wants peace.

Franc3: yeah i agree wit you YouKay.

Rising_Sun_03 Starts war in Asia

*Rising_Sun_03 has entered the game*

*Rep_of_CHiNa has entered the game*

*Rising_Sun_03 has struck Rep_of_CHiNa, 30 damage!*

Screenshot from the game chat boards.
The Rising_Sun_03 solders were noted for their brutality in China.

Rising_Sun_03: Take that sUxOr!

Rep_of_CHinA: oww oww oww. yo, CKS help free the country from the agrezzorz?

CKS: yeah, they h4x0rzz.

*Rising_Sun_03 has activated mod /nanking.*

*200 Damage to Rep_of_CHinA! 2 x 105 civilians killed!*


Strz&Strpz: wth you doin fag! Dun make me com over ther...

DaFuhrer: O_O d00d not kul nub. Wtf was that?

Der Anschluss

*pwnedland has entered the game*

DaFuhrer: lol noobz ph33r my 1337 skills!!011!!

pwnedland: you sux noob, you still emo lol?

DaFuhrer: take this n00b

*DaFuhrer has struck pwnedland, 73 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed pwnedland!*

pwnedland: OW fuk u btch

DaFuhrer announces a bold new strategy

DaFuhrer: ha ha tank patch is teh 1337 noobz!

*DaFuhrer captures pwnedland!*

The Munich Agreement

DaFuhrer: yo ChexMix, give me the sudetenland.

ChexMix: fuk no, thats mine.

DaFuhrer: so what, theres germans living there and you're oppressing them.

ChexMix: ur crazy n00b

Franc3:lol, i'll back you up ChexMix.

ChexMix: thanks man. youre cool.

DaFuhrer: i ain't playing. give me the sudetenland!

*YouKay is no longer idle.*

YouKay: maybe we can make a deal to keep da peace.

DaFuhrer: fine

Franc3: WTF YouKay, u r such a gurl.

YouKay pronounces its great prewar joke.

*Sudetenland is transfered from ChexMix to DaFuhrer*

ChexMix: n00bz

YouKay: w00t! Peace in our time!

*DaFuhrer captures ChexMix!*

YouKay: WTF!!! no more conquering. attack one more nation and we're going to war.

Franc3: yeah

ppl_0f_sp41n rise up

*ppl_0f_sp41n has declared utopia!*

fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4: wtf, n00b!

ppl_0f_sp41n: j00 r st00pid, f45c15t!

DaFuhrer: ill help you, fr4nk13

*DaFuhrer sends bats and gats to fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4*

i741i4: so will i

*i741i4 sends more bats and more gats to fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4*

ppl_0f_sp41n: WTF! some1 help!

YouKay: no way, n00b

Franc3: yeah

muthaland: ill help you

*muthaland sends ghetto bats and ghetto gats to ppl_0f_sp41n*

fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4: d00d those are so ghetto

*fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4 has struck ppl_0f_sp41n, 23 damage!*

*ppl_0f_sp41n has struck fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4, 5 damage!*

fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4: lol n00b

*fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4 has struck ppl_0f_sp41n, 20 damage!*

*fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4 has killed ppl_0f_sp41n!*

fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4: w00t! i am t3h r00l3r of sp41n!

DaFuhrer and muthaland make Peace

*muthaland captures HOTLAtViA!*

*muthaland captures E-Stoner!*

*muthaland captures Lil'Waynia!*

*muthaland captures Bessarabia!*

muthaland: yo coldfish, gimme carland007

cold_fish27: f u, biach!

*muthaland has struck cold_fish27, 4 damage!*

cold_fish27: u die for that n00b!

*cold_fish27 has struck muthaland, 5 damage!*

muthaland: wtf r u cheating? DIE!!11111111

*cold_fish27 has struck muthaland, 7 damage!*

*muthaland has struck cold_fish27, 7 damage!*

muthaland: u hax!!!!111111111111!

*cold_fish27 has struck muthaland, 30 damage!*

*muthaland has struck cold_fish27, 10 damage!*

cold_fish27: I don't give a f___ nemore! Have carland I dun wanit!

*cold_fish27 has left the game*

*muthaland captures carland007!*

muthaland: ha ha I am teh 1337 at item gathering

DaFuhrer: no ur not! u coudint even kill cold_fish all t3w wai......

muthaland: yo fuhrer... peace?

DaFuhrer: sure whatever

muthaland: cool

The War Begins

P0lska Attacked!

*DaFuhrer has struck P0lska, 30 damage!*

*muthaland has struck P0lska, 19 damage!*

P0lska: Ow WTF gize halp

*P0lska has struck DaFuhrer, 1 damage!*


*DaFuhrer has struck P0lska, 118 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed P0lska!*

*boomerangman has entered the game*

*lotr_freak21 has entered the game*

*C4nuck has entered the game*

YouKay: u cant do that now 1 g0tts to br3ng in mi pWn3g c00mm00nnw3lth col0nies nd we w1ll pwn j00!!!

Franc3: yea P01ska woz on our side now i'm g3nna not pwn u nd im j0st gonna uze my +10 sh33ld aab1l1ty nd w8 behind my line! u w0nt be abl to g3t m33 n00b! r0flmao

C4nuck: yea noob you lost last time eh? lolzorz!

boomerangman: lolololololololololololol crikey gday DahFuhrer me r gonna help youkay to pwn j00 n00b!

lotr_freak21: lololol dun forg3t me bro! i got da hoobitz on my side bro and a pwn3ge sh33p armi

muthaland: lol i have got to see this

i741i4: hey noobz im with DaFuhrer he pwns j00

DaFuhrer cheats against Franc3

Franc3 humbly concedes to DaFuhrer

*DaFuhrer has struck breakfastlovr232, 29 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed breakfastlovr232!*

*DaFuhrer has struck vikingsfan, 28 damage!*

vikingsfan: ow u dumb fuk fine dont kill me pleez

DaFuhrer: k i need 300 gold

*Marlboro Man becomes new admin for YouKay!*

*DaFuhrer has killed 1<3w4ff13s!*

*DaFuhrer has killed richashell001!*

*DaFuhrer has killed better_late_than_nether!*

*DaFuhrer captures 1<3w4ff13s!*

*DaFuhrer captures richashell001!*

*DaFuhrer captures better_late_than_nether!*

Franc3: hey OMGWTF H4X!!!!11

DaFuhrer: entercheat/all your base are belong to us

*Cheat: Blitzkrieg activated*

*DaFuhrer has struck Franc3, 84 damage!*

Franc3: ow you dumb fukkr ow

*DaFuhrer has struck Franc3, 100 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed Franc3!*

The Battle of Britain

YouKay: u homo! u go down for this!

DaFuhrer: entercheat/all your base are belong to us

*Cheat: Blitzkrieg activated*

YouKay: dam this is n0t going well

YouKay: entercheat/for great justice

*Cheat: Dynamo activated*

DaFuhrer: WTF? u ran away pansy?

DaFuhrer: meh, pwn u anyway

*RADAR Error: Cheats not allowed in capitol zones*

*Luftwaffe has struck RAF, 8 damage!*

*RAF has struck Luftwaffe, 19 damage!*

DaFuhrer: WTF?

*Luftwaffe has struck RAF, 11 damage!*

*RAF has struck Luftwaffe, 27 damage!*

DaFuhrer: OMG h4x?!!

YouKay: N00b, RADAR anti-cheat patch!

*Luftwaffe has struck RAF, 7 damage!*

*RAF has struck Luftwaffe, 16 damage!*

DaFuhrer: ok, i still hurt you enough so that you can't fight back.

Cracking the Enigma

DaFuhrer: ☺þÜF_eÙÞ◙"|ΦΦ╔███

YouKay: DaFuhrer stop usin alt codes

YouKay: Its not funny

Franc3 (Spec): yh, what u talkin bout

Strz&Strpz: yeh

*Turing_555 has joined the game.*

DaFuhrer: o damn its the hacker

Turing_555: lol got ur code, hax0r3r! her it is guyz

YouKay: LOL adolf u got owned

Turing_555: yeh ROFL!

Strz&Strpz: hehe

DaFuhrer: gah these noobs h4x!

Turing_555: i just pwn at haxing ur enigma :)

Turing_555: c4n i join ur team

Strz&Strpz: sur3, not like u'll live nyway lmao

Bismarck and Hood

SPAIZ O_o: YouKay! Addy got da Bizmark!

YouKay: WTF? RADAR is on, that's not possible. Erm...

*Error: RADAR server is down for maintinence. Please GTFO.*


DaFuhrer: lol, Bismarck will pwn u!

YouKay: no. f***ing. chance. lol.

*UKShip:Hood misses NaziShip:Bismarck, 0 damage!*

*UKShip:Prince of Wales hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 10 damage!*

*NaziShip:Bismarck hits UKShip:Hood, 10 damage!*

*NaziShip:Prinz Eugen hits UKShip:Hood, 3 damage!*

*NaziShip:Bismarck hits UKShip:Hood, CRITICAL HIT!!! 100 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed UKShip:Hood!*

DaFuhrer: lol, nubz.

YouKay: OMGWTFH4X?????!!!1

YouKay: u gayer, u f***ing go down now

*Torp:Swordfish hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 1 damage!*

YouKay: oh come on

DaFuhrer: biplanes? rofl.

*Torp:Swordfish misses UKShip:Sheffield, 0 damage!*

YouKay: oops, lol

DaFuhrer: this is 2 funny, lol

*NaziShip:Bismark misses navyplane: Swordfish!*

*Torp:Swordfish hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 1 damage!*

*Torp:Swordfish hits NaziShip:Bismarck, CRITICAL HIT!!!! 50 damage!*

DaFuhrer: omgwtf? WTFh4x!!? WTF!!!??/

*NaziShip:Bismarck unmanoeuvrable*

*UKShip:King George V hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 13 damage*

*UKShip:Norfolk hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 5 damage*

DaFuhrer: screw u, ghey blobbers

*NaziShip:Bismarck self-destruct initiated*

*UKShip:Rodney hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 14 damage*

*UKShip:Dorsetshire hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 6 damage*

*YouKay has killed NaziShip:Bismarck!*

Battle of the Atlantic

DaFuhrer: y0 langsdorff. Tak da graf sp33 nd f*** those n00bs in teh south atlantic, k?

I<3maGR4FSP33: k, played ww 1 b4, dis gunna b easy

DaFuhrer: c001 langy

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKMerchantShip1, 34 damage*

*I<3maGR4FSP33 has killed UKMerchantShip1!

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKMerchantShip2, 24 damage*

*I<3maGR4FSP33 has killed UKMerchantShip2!

I<3maGR4FSP33: pwned! sux0rs

YouKay: yo i need to traed stopit!!!!11

I<3maGR4FSP33: stfu n00b, ur bein 0wn3d!!

DaFuhrer: lm40 tak dis j00kay!

*NaziSub:U94 hits UKMerchantShip3, 24 damage*

*DaFuhrer has killed UKMerchantShip3!

*NaziSub:U94 hits UKMerchantShip4, 27 damage*

*DaFuhrer has killed UKMerchantShip4!

*NaziSub:U94 hits BRMerchantShip1, 29 damage*

*DaFuhrer has killed BRMerchantShip1!

*BR4zuk45!!11one is no longer idle.*

BR4zuk45!!11one: yo fockin shithed i was in msn! p1u5, im n3utr4a1!!!!11

DaFuhrer: ur problem, not mien. bsides j00 r an allies` biotch, i'm takin j00 down after i tak these l0zerz

BR4zuk45!!11one: dis game suks i wanna play fifas worldcup

YouKay: stfu man, u suk

DaFuhrer: yeh n00b. 2 pansy ta play ww2?

BR4zuk45!!11one: ...

Strz&Strpz: man, join us allies, I giv u g00dis

BR4zuk45!!11one: ill get back to dat lata..

*BR4zuk45!!11one has gone idle.*

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKMerchantShip5, 26 damage*

*I<3maGR4FSP33 has killed UKMerchantShip5!

I<3maGR4FSP33: man I rulz! yo fuhrer, gunna get sum ships at teh rver plate

DaFuhrer: k, but d0nt screw it

YouKay: im followin ya

I<3maGR4FSP33: is dat u ova der? wat a n3wb! im comin for ya!

YouKay: now ye di3!!

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKShip:Exeter, 25 damage*

*UKShip:Exeter hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 16 damage*

*UKShip:Achilles hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 14 damage*

*UKShip:Ajax hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 19 damage*

DaFuhrer: langy it's 3x1 u idi0t!

I<3maGR4FSP33: man f*** off, i ken do dis

*UKShip:Exeter hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 21 damage*

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKShip:Exeter, 31 damage*

*UKShip:Exeter retreats, 31 damage*

*UKShip:Achilles hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 19 damage*

*UKShip:Ajax hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 17 damage*

I<3maGR4FSP33: yo bring da ship bak heer u stupid coward

YouKay: come get it f001

I<3maGR4FSP33: u askd for it!

*NaziShip:GrafSpee misses*

*UKShip:Achilles hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 15 damage*

*UKShip:Ajax hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 18 damage*

I<3maGR4FSP33: im heet! im heet! f411 bak! addy wer is next port?

DaFuhrer: man go to bu3n0s 4ir3s in 4rgentina tehy r our p33ps

I<3maGR4FSP33: thats 2 far man, the brits get to me b4 i get ther!im stopping in urugu4y

DaFuhrer: watever

YouKay: fuuk they r getting asylum ther!

*U_R_GAY is no longer idle.*

U_R_GAY: yo wassup

YouKay: hi

Strz&Strpz: hey

DaFuhrer: hi der

I<3maGR4FSP33: yo, i need to stay in montyvid.

U_R_GAY: man dats n3utr41!!

DaFuhrer: fuk dat, giv im asylum, or else!!!!111one

YouKay: no man dont do dat, u r no nazi

Strz&Strpz: yeh, u can stay n3utr41 but no asy1um to nazis

DaFuhrer: stfu muthaf***s, u guys suk

U_R_GAY: STFU evry1!!! we r litle nd n3utr41 and u nazis gotta leave in 3 days gam3 tim3.

DaFuhrer: u fokkerrrrrr g4yzorrrrr

I<3maGR4FSP33: yo fuhrer i wanna surredner, ken i?

DaFuhrer: h3ll n0! u go ther nd fight nd win for me!

I<3maGR4FSP33: k... :(

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKShip:Achilles, 20 damage*

*UKShip:Achilles hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 17 damage*

*UKShip:Ajax hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 20 damage*


*NaziShip:GrafSpee misses*

*UKShip:Achilles hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 18 damage*

*UKShip:Ajax hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 15 damage*

*YouKay has killed NaziShip:GrafSpee

I<3maGR4FSP33: N00000000000000!0!!111oneoneeleven :((((((((((((((

DaFuhrer: langy u sux0r

I<3maGR4FSP33: i lov3d dat ship. SPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

YouKay: u sux0rs r real nutjobs

I<3maGR4FSP33: i did alla coud fuhrer.dis game sux, n0w i wnna d133!!!11one

*I<3maGR4FSP33 has killed I<3maGR4FSP33!*

*ChanServ has kicked I<3maGR4FSP33 for use of selfkill code*

YouKay: r0f1m40 wat an em0

Strz&Strpz: l0sers

DaFuhrer: st00pid l4ngy

U_R_GAY: lmao! now i go back to doin nothing, k?

YouKay: k nd thanks

Strz&Strpz: bb

U_R_GAY: bye

*U_R_GAY has gone idle.*

DaFuhrer: gaaahh r3v3ng3!!

*NaziSub:U94 hits UKMerchantShip7, 24 damage*

*DaFuhrer has killed UKMerchantShip7!

*NaziSub:U94 hits BRMerchantShip2, 32 damage*

*DaFuhrer has killed BRMerchantShip2!

*BR4zuk45!!11one is no longer idle.*

BR4zuk45!!11one: m4n do u kno wat n3utr41 means or r u just foking dumb?

DaFuhrer: i kno nd i dun care

YouKay: cmon br0 join tha 411ie5 already!

Strz&Strpz: don b a sissy!

BR4zuk45!!11one: alrite alrite! but after dis we pl4y w0r1d cup..

YouKay: whateva

Strz&Strpz: yeh we wi11, peace first though

YouKay: yeh let's get sum peace by whooping nazi arse

BR4zuk45!!11one:k. you nd i is at war now fuhrer!get im ppls!!!!111

DaFuhrer: whateva u r sux0r not goin even to get ta eur0p3 4nyw4y.

BR4zuk45!!11one: guys ima sneding divisons, k?

Strz&Strpz: yeh send to me in italy.btw 4rgi3, joni us a11ie5! :)

BR4zuk45!!11one: dun both3r man tehy r fokkin racists

*ArGi3bArGi3 has entered the game*

ArGi3bArGi3:stfu br4, ur got 0wn3d by tha fuhrer! nd n0 w4y w3 r joining, were n3utr4ls!!

Strz&Strpz: fokkin neutrals, whateva

PM from DaFuhrer to ArGi3bArGi3: yo man, wanna join us nd tak on teh br4zukian monkeys? u wulda pwn south ameriac!!!!!

PM from ArGi3bArGi3 to DaFuhrer:d00d u r c001 nd rul3 nd all, but de a11ies r strong hree..

PM from DaFuhrer to ArGi3bArGi3: fuk da allies u can kick tha niggas a** ther wit ma, axis?

PM from ArGi3bArGi3 to DaFuhrer:n0t yet man, cannae do.i'11 get bak on dat to u if j00 r sti11 winnin'

PM from DaFuhrer to ArGi3bArGi3: dun tak l0ng

Kick in the Balkans

SPARTAAAA: hey guyz can I join?

i741i4: no u die 2 >:(

*i741i4 strikes SPARTAAAA, 20 damage!*

*SPARTAAAA strikes i741i4, 22 damage!*

i741i4 Yo adolf, help us out plz?

DaFuhrer: was trying to pwn muthaland but wat da hell?

YouKay: hey no fair!!!!!1

*DaFuhrer strikes YouKay, 6 damage*

*DaFuhrer strikes SPARTAAA, CRITICAL HIT!!! 100 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed SPARTAAAA!*

YouKay: holy sheeznit gotta get out

*YouKay has switched to spectator mode*

*i741i4 strikes Blackhawkup, 50 damage!*

*i741i4 has killed Blackhawkup!*

*i741i4 captures SPARTAAAA!*

i741i4: ha ha adolf u the best

DaFuhrer: thx man long live axis!

DaFuhrer: these n00bz are teh sux0rz

*Hugo_slav_man42 has entered the game*

Hugo_slav_man42: hey wuts goin on

DaFuhrer: were pwning n00bz, wanna join

i741i4: yeah its fun

PM from YouKay to Hugo_slav_man42: Dun do it man go wit muthaland, dey bombin.

Hugo_slav_man42: Fux j00, I'm goin wit da muthaland!

*Hugo_slav_man42 has allied with muthaland!!*

DaFuhrer: WTF man j00 dai! >:(

*DaFuhrer has struck Hugo_slav_man42, 173 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed Hugo_slav_man42!*

DaFuhrer: Oh and BTW

*DaFuhrer has struck muthaland, 23 damage!*


Operation Barbarossa

*DaFuhrer captures U-kr4ne!*

muthaland: WTF???!

DaFuhrer: LMAO ur such n00b, so I dubbl Krossed you

muthaland: fuk this, im with uk now

*muthaland has changed teams to DA GRAND ALLIANCE*

*coldfish27 has entered the game*

coldfish27: haha, russia now joo r pwned

*coldfish27 has struck muthaland, 15 damage!*

*coldfish27 captures carland007!*

*numa_numa_land has entered the game*

*Maggie_R has entered the game*

Maggie_R: hey numa, gimme transylvania ill help u get back bessarabia

DaFuhrer: yeah do it, she rox

i741i4: yes

numa_numa_land: k

*Transylvania is transferred from numa_numa_land to Maggie_R*

Maggie_R has struck muthaland, 17 damage!*

numa_numa_land has struck muthaland, 11 damage!*

*numa_numa_land captures Bessarabia!*

numa_numa_land: thnx

muthaland: u all sux0rz ill kill u all fukerz

The Middle East

*boomerangman has struck i741i4, 100 damage!*

*lotr_freak21 has struck i741i4, 4 damage!*

*boomerangman captures Lebanon!*

boomerangman: Crikey! Bardia and Tobruk is ours! All your Italian Fortress Are Belong To Us, Mates! Make your Surrender!

lotr_freak21: Bro! I helped too!

YouKay: L0L lotr_freak21 is boomeerangmans bitch! now stfu bef0re i ban ur sh33p fuxing

lotr_freak21: k sry

*YouKay captures Syria!*

i741i4: Owwww fuk addy hlp plz?

DaFuhrer: Getin kinda tird of balin j00 out Muso. But kay.

*DaFuhrer has created Afrika Korps!*

*Afrika_Fox is no longer idle*

DaFuhrer: Yo Rom, tak these and get us Egypt!

Afrika_Fox: Kay dude

*Afrika_Fox has struck YouKay, 25 damage!*

YouKay: Ow fuck where the hell did he come from

boomerangman: Crikey!! We'll hold him mate! dw we'll get our heds blwn off 4 yous

War In Asia

*Indochina_french has entered the game*

Indochina_french: hey franc3 u around?

*Indochina_french is now known as Indochina_vichy*

DaFuhrer: frenchy is dead. ur mine lol

Indochina_vichy: wtf dis sux

Rising_Sun_03: hey fuhrer can i join and shit?

DaFuhrer: man u r noob

Rising_Sun_03: no im not look at this

*Rising_Sun_03 strikes Haiphong-Yunnan Fou railway line, 24 damage!*

*Rising_Sun_03 has blockaded Rep_of_CHiNa!*

DaFuhrer: hey u cool

DaFuhrer: ok u can join up

Rising_Sun_03: thx man u r 1337

*thai_fighter is no longer idle*

thai_fighter: indochina me want land back!

Indochina_vichy: lolwut? its mine noob

thai_fighter: ok you is ask for it lolololololol

Indochina_vichy: u want some!!!11 come and get it gook!!!

*thai_fighter has struck Indochina_vichy, 15 damage!*

*Indochina_vichy has struck thai_fighter, 9 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: gook? Indochina you racist cracker

Rising_Sun_03: give thai da land or i kick u

thai_fighter: yeah

Indochina_vichy: ur not an admin

Rising_Sun_03: shut up

Indochina_vichy: fine, take it u fags

*L405 is transferred from Indochina_vichy to thai_fighter*

*PolPotPizza is transferred from Indochina_vichy to thai_fighter*

Rising_Sun_03: thai, friendz?

thai_fighter: lol whatever

*Strz&Strpz is no longer idle*

Rep_of_CHiNa: owww some1 beat up risin

Strz&Strpz: no way n00b, lol

*Rising_Sun_03 has struck Strz&Strpz, 24 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: leave our stuff alone or ill pwn ur ships

Rising_Sun_03: wait

Rising_Sun_03: OMFG LAG

Strz&Strpz: WTF

Strz&Strpz: u r ghey

Strz&Strpz: u going down

DaFuhrer: notta chance n00b lol

Rising_Sun_03: hey guys im going to take over south east asia lmao

*thai_fighter has struck Rising_Sun_03, 3 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: wtf n00b

thai_fighter: sorry. i thought you invading me :P

Rising_Sun_03: fuk u. gimme ur seaports, airfields n train stations.

thai_fighter: k

*Rising_Sun_03 uses airfield!*

*Rising_Sun_03 uses seaport!*

*Rising_Sun_03 uses train station!*

*Rising_Sun_03 uses bicycle!*

YouKay: bikes? rofl

*Rising_Sun_03 captures HK47!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures Free_Burma!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures M4l4y4!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures [SG]NO_PORK!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures indonesian1990!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures NewGuineaPig!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures I_HAS_GOLD!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures PinoyzRule!*

YouKay: WTF!!!!

Rising_Sun_03: pwned n00bs. this game is fun lol

Strz&Strpz: omfg h4x

YouKay: MY COLONYS!!!!!! F*** U H4X0R!!!!!!1

Rising_Sun_03: stfu i have no hax. ur defenses sux0r

C4nuck: YouKay, you n00b, I just sent troops to HK and you wasted them all! WTF?

YouKay: boomerangman go to kokoda you n00bs.

boomerangman: no, STFU, you n Strz&Strpz will steal credit.

YouKay: boomerangman go to kokoda you n00bs or we won't send you planes

boomerangman: Crikey!! fine mate. can we at lest hav weapons?

*Rising_Sun_03 has activated mod /burmesedeathrailway.*

Rising_Sun_03: lolol i built railway wif allied pow

boomerangman: What do u think dis iz, sim city? u gay?

YouKay: F*** u rising im gonna blow ur queer railway up.

Strz&Strpz: Yeh me 2 you pansy.

*Strz&Strpz has struck Death Railway, 1 damage!*

*YouKay has struck Death Railway, 1 damage!*

*boomerangman has struck Death Railway, 0 damage!*

boomerangman: WTF!

Rising_Sun_03: lol whos the homos now

muthaland strikes back against DaFuhrer

DaFuhrer briefly enjoys vast military success.

i741i4: ROFL

DaFuhrer: ha ha this awexome. I sh4ll n0w pwn the jewz!

*muthaland has struck DaFuhrer, 12 damage!*

DaFuhrer: hey that hurt b1tch!!

DaFuhrer: fine, ya want to play that way h4x0r!

*DaFuhrer has struck muthaland, 23 damage!*

*2 attrition damage to DaFuhrer!*

muthaland: ur still a noob

*muthaland has struck DaFuhrer, CRITICAL HIT!!! 102 damage!*

DaFuhrer: OMGWTF hax!!

*muthaland captures Stalingrad!*

muthaland: o wut now??????

DaFuhrer: wtf thats teh fuck gimme ur oil u fucking noob.

North Africa Campaign

*YouKay captures Egypt!*

*Franc3 captures Algeria!*

Hugo_slav_man42 (Spec): hey isnt franc3 dead?

DaFuhrer: yah i pwned his HQ

Franc3: nope, we never go away lol

Afrika_Fox: UK gtfo my place

YouKay: Bitch it's mien >:(

Afrika_Fox: :O

*Afrika_Fox has struck YouKay, 33 damage!*

*YouKay has struck Afrika_Fox, 27 damage!*

*Afrika_Fox has struck YouKay, 19 damage!*

*YouKay has struck Afrika_Fox, 24 damage!*

Afrika_Fox: Ow fall bak

*YouKay has captured Ben-Gazzi!*

YouKay: Awesome! $4$ pwnz j00r airf13ld$ Afrika_Fox!

*Afrika_Fox has struck YouKay, 43 damage!*

Afrika_Fox: Haha take that

*Afrika_Fox has captured Ben-Gazzi!*

*Afrika_Fox has captured Toebrook!*

YouKay: NOES

Afrika_Fox: Mwahaha

*Afrika_Fox has fallen ill!*

Afrika_Fox: Oh fucking random ev...

*Afrika_Fox has gone idle.*

*Funny_Hat is now admin for #8thArmy*

Funny_Hat: Bitchin

*Funny_hat has struck Afrika Korps, 43 damage!*

*Afrika_Fox is no longer idle.*

Afrika_Fox: WTF!

*Funny_Hat has struck Afrika_Fox, 37 damage!*

Afrika_Fox: SHYT fall bak

Strz&Strpz: ha ha my turn lol

*Strz&Strpz has struck Afrika_Fox, 14 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: fun!

Afrika_Fox: Hay nub

*Afrika_Fox has struck Strz&Strpz , 34 damage!*

*Afrika_Fox has captured LandZone_443!*

Afrika_Fox: :)

Strz&Strpz: OW fux joo

Strz&Strpz: Eat this

*Strz&Strpz has struck Afrika_Fox, 29 damage!*

*Strz&Strpz captures NationZone_22!*

Strz&Strpz: No more Mr. Nice

Afrika_Fox: :(

*Afrika_Fox has left #Africa*

boomerangman: wtf? where is everyone?

The Battle of Midway

Rising_Sun_03: wtf is happening

*Strz&Strpz has struck Rising_Sun_03, 20 damage!*

*boomerangman has struck Rising_Sun_03, 7 damage!*

boomerangman: hey i actually did something m8

Strz&Strpz: were proud of j00

boomerangman:OMFG stole credit you cheapos...

Rising_Sun_03: take this n00bz!

*Rising_Sun_03 has struck Strz&Strpz, 8 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: thats nothing biatch

*Rising_Sun_03 has struck Boomerangman, 5 damage!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures Darwin!

boomerangman: Darwin? wtf we dont even want it. u hav it.

A scene from the Anzio beachhead

Back to the Eastern Front

*DaFuhrer has struck muthaland, 10 damage!*

*muthaland has struck DaFuhrer, 10 damage!*

DaFuhrer: wtf this is nothing

muthaland: Ur stil retreating, nub :P

DaFuhrer: FUX J00

Italian Campaign

*Strz&Strpz has struck i741i4, 46 damage!*

*YouKay has struck i741i4, 39 damage!*

*C4nuck has struck i741i4, 12 damage!*

i741i4: Ow bitchz spawnkill!

*i741i4 has struck Strz&Strpz, 19 damage!*

*i741i4 has struck YouKay, 16 damage!*

*i741i4 has struck C4nuck, 9 damage!*

i741i4 surrenders.

Strz&Strpz: Hah n00b

*Strz&Strpz has struck i741i4, 34 damage!*

*YouKay has struck i741i4, 22 damage!*

*C4nuck has struck i741i4, 11 damage!*


*BR4zuk45!!11one has struck i741i4, 22 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: LOL!

i741i4: oww okay i give up

*i741i4 has changed teams to DA GRAND ALLIANCE*

Strz&Strpz: u on our side now

i741i4: fien dont kill me pleez

YouKay: we own j00 now biatch

DaFuhrer: Muso j00 nub

*DaFuhrer has taken #NorthItaly!*

*Script Trippy_Packed has dropped i741i4!*

i741i4: The fuck man?

*YouKay has struck DaFuhrer, 6 damage!*

*Strz&Strpz has struck DaFuhrer, 3 damage!*

*C4nuck has struck i741i4, 1 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: Wtf yu g4y h4x0r

DaFuhrer: haha winter lien bitchz

Rising_Sun_03 Reconsiders its Position

S!llyH@tChinditz: entercheat/walking

*Cheat: Walking activated*

Strz&Strpz: Wot dus that do?

S!llyH@tChinditz: Makes me walk...

Strz&Strpz: ...u sux...

A rearmed Rep_of_CHiNa goes on the offensive.

Rising_Sun_03: holy hell

Rising_Sun_03: how is this hapennig???!???!??

*Rep_of_CHiNa has struck Rising_Sun_03, 23 damage!*

*CKS has struck Rising_Sun_03, 29 damage!*

Rep_of_CHiNa: SUPRIEZ N00B!

*RoflMAO is no longer idle*

CKS: peace, mao?

RoflMAO: k, lol

*RoflMAO has struck Rising_Sun_03, 200 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: WTF?!?!?!

Strz&Strpz: lol, pwn3d

Rising_Sun_03: WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF! H4X!!11!1

RoflMAO: guerillaz rox!!!

The Tide Turns in Europe


Strz&Strpz takes on DaFuhrer's l33t hax0rs

*Strz&Strpz has activated mod /storminnorman.

*Attacks in #EuroWest are now enabled!*

*Strz&Strpz has struck DaFuhrer, 27 damage!*

*YouKay has struck DaFuhrer, 14 damage!*

*C4nuck has struck DaFuhrer, 8 damage!*

*P0lska has struck DaFuhrer, 3 damage!*

Strz&Strpz : Where the f*** did P0lska come from?

C4nuck : Who cares, I'm doing stuff!

YouKay : We're all proud of j00.

DaFuhrer: oww whyyyyy ;_;

*Afrika_Fox is no longer idle.*

Afrika_Fox: Told you idiot! Where's my damn funding now?

DaFuhrer: U tried to kill me, biotch!

PM from Afrika_Fox to DeutschTroop: Alright men, they're comin. Prepare to repel invaders. Groups one through three, counter-attack at-

*DaFuhrer has struck Afrika_Fox, 25 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed Afrika_Fox!*

Afrika_Fox: WTF TK

*Afrika_Fox has left the game*

Strz&Strpz: ...Hilter joo sux at this.

Oh God No...

*Franc3's HQ has been liberated*

*Franc3 has respawned!*

Franc3: ha ha love this tank patch lolzorz!!!

Franc3: adolf is teh suxorz!! lol!!

Franc3: rofl!!

Strz&Strpz: stfu, franc3

YouKay: yea noob, stfu

Franc3: no fux you Strz&Strpz i'm g3nna mek sur dat in da futur we rerite histori and mak it l0ke u didn s3v us

Strz&Strpz: whetever n00b u do that weirdass shit we will just make movies with Tom Hanks about savin ur ass!

The Eastern Front

*muthaland has struck cold_fish27, 24 damage!*

cold_fish27: ow

Strz&Strpz: lol this so beats counter-strike

C4nuck: here guyzz

*C4nuck has given 4 MEDKIT to Strz&Strpz*

*C4nuck has given 5 MEDKIT to YouKay*

*C4nuck has given 1 MEDKIT to Franc3*

Strz&Strpz: wow thx

YouKay: yea thx

C4nuck: np

C4nuck: You could pay me back later, eh?

Strz&Strpz: no way n00b lol

C4nuck: thats ok too

*muthaland has struck numa_numa_land, 27 damage!*

*muthaland captures Bessarabia!*

numa_numa_land: U HAX!!1!!

numa_numa_land: fukr

muthaland: no dumbass

muthaland: i have tons of shit

numa_numa_land: whatev i like t3h winz

*numa_numa_land has joined muhtaland!*

muthaland: rofl n00b

DaFurher: WTf!!1! biatch nub!!1!1!!1

DaFurher: Whatever i 57i11 has t3h pwnz

Strz&Strpz: d00d fu ur gon4 g3t Pwnz0r3d!!!!11!

muthaland: STFU addy gay fuxx0r

*muthaland has struck Maggie_R, 34 damage!*

Maggie_R: fvck

Maggie_R: k u win russia

*Maggie_R has left the game

DaFuhrer tries to retake Europe

DaFuhrer: this has gone on long enough


DaFuhrer: entercheat/StrongBad

*Cheat: Supertank activated*

*DaFuhrer has launched a surprise attack against Strz&Strpz, 29 damage!*


*DaFuhrer has struck Strz&Strpz, 14 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has struck YouKay, 4 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has struck Franc3, 6 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has struck C4nuck, 7 damage!*

*YouKay has struck DaFuhrer, 43 damage!*

YouKay: Take 0r Spitfirz up ur NAzi 455 b14tch!!!!!11!11

DaFuhrer: WTF??!!

*Strz&Strpz' 10 units still left in Bastogne have struck DaFuhrer, CRITICAL HIT!!! 273 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: R0flmao nub

DaFuhrer: WTF u fx1n h4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!!!!!!111

The End of the War in Europe

PM from DaFuhrer to ArGi3bArGi3:j00 st00pid liar

PM from ArGi3bArGi3 to DaFuhrer:man da allies woulda kik our ass, w3 couldt join

PM from DaFuhrer to ArGi3bArGi3:whateva u wouldnt hav a chance 4nyway

Strz&Strpz: everybody, NOW

*Strz&Strpz has struck Strz&Strpz, 20 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: ffs, turn ff off.

*YouKay has struck DaFuhrer, 16 damage!*

*Franc3 has struck DaFuhrer, -3 damage!*

Franc3: FUCK!

Strz&Strpz: noob...

*muthaland has struck DaFuhrer, 27 damage!*

*muthaland has struck cold_fish27, 32 damage!*

*muthaland captures carland007!*

muthaland: switch sides NOW coldfish or else!

cold_fish27: ok lets kick some fritz azz

*cold_fish27 has changed teams to DA GRAND ALLIANCE*

*cold_fish27 has struck DaFuhrer, 3 damage!*

DaFuhrer: WTF coldfish u will pay for this

*DaFuhrer has struck cold_fish27, 10 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: Waste of trupz "Addy"

*C4nuck has struck DaFuhrer, 10 damage!*

*Hugo_slav_man42 has struck DaFuhrer, 1 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: N00b

Hugo_slav_man42: th1s iz fux!

*Hugo_slav_man42 has entered spectator mode.*

*Strz&Strpz has struck DaFuhrer, 25 damage!*

*muthaland has struck DaFuhrer, 35 damage!*

*muthaland captures Berlin!*

DaFuhrer: arrrrgh nooooo

DaFuhrer: NUMPAD9!!!111one1eleven!one!

*DaFuhrer has killed DaFuhrer!*

*ChanServ has kicked DaFuhrer for use of selfkill code*

muthaland: dam i wanted that kill

Strz&Strpz: Fck KSer. oh well

muthaland: oh fine

*Fartysans has joined the game!*

Fartysans: muthaland in Berlin!?! Strz&Strpz crossin the Rhine!?! WTF n00bs im not gonna take dis any more!

*Fartysans has struck muthaland, 12 damage!*

*Fartysans has struck Strz&Strpz, 32 damage!*

*Fartysans has struck YouKay, 14 damage!*

*Fartysans has struck Franc3, 43 damage!*

muthaland: what the fuck

Strz&Strpz: OW! Who the hell are you!?!

YouKay: WTH!

Franc3: OW! Dammit!

Fartysans: Whoops for got to finish unfinished business.

*Fartysans has struck C4nuck, 20 damage!*

*Fartysans joins team "Axis"!*

C4nuck: d00d we killed DaFuher when do you guys learn to quit!?!

Fartysans: Nevah Bitches!

*muthaland has struck Fartysans, 30 damage!*

*Strz&Strpz has struck Fartysans, 21 damage!*

*Youkay has struck Fartysans, 28 damage!*

*Franc3 has struck Fartysans, -7 damage!*

Franc3: Damn im not very good at this

*C4nuck has struck Fartisans, 65 damage!*

Fartysans: Gaaah! That suxxored!

Strz&Strpz: WTF!!!!!!!!!!! That should have been enough to kill u Wat is wrong wit u u hax!?!

Fartysans:N00b! IM INVINCIBLE!!! But that suxxd so im gonna lay low for a while.

*Fartysans has gone idle.*

muthaland: right then, back to business

*Hugo_slav_man42 is no longer in spectator mode.*

*Hugo_slav_man42 has changed teams to DA GRAND ALLIANCE*

Hugo_slav_man42: thanx NOV

muthaland: hey i helped 2

PM from Fartysans to ArGi3bArGi3:yo man, j00 were fuhrers peep. ken we hide ther?dun wanna di3 in nur3mberg

PM from ArGi3bArGi3 to Fartysans:sure, but stfu. dis is secret, k?

PM from Fartysans to ArGi3bArGi3:k..

*DaFuhrer tried to reconnect*

End of the war in the Pacific




Strz&Strpz: teh server is teh ghey

YouKay: yea it is a fag

Franc3: u mean it likez other servers

Franc3: of the same gender lol?

muthaland: stfu, franc3

Strz&Strpz: so what now?

*Rising_Sun_03 has struck Strz&Strpz, 8 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: BANZAI BITCH!!!1!1

Strz&Strpz: oh yeah them

*Strz&Strpz has struck Rising_Sun_03, 27 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: u dead now, suxorz!

Strz&Strpz nukes Rising_Sun_03's HQ

*Rising_Sun_03 has activated mod /wiiiiiiiind.*

*21 damage to Strz&Strpz!*

*7 attrition damage to Rising_Sun_03!*

Strz&Strpz: lol noob u serious?

Rising_Sun_03: u sux

Strz&Strpz: give up now or get pwned, biatch

Rising_Sun_03: bring it on, gheylord

muthaland: this has to be good

Strz&Strpz: if you insist, lol!

Strz&Strpz: entercheat/Duke Nukem

*Cheat: A-Bomb activated*

*Strz&Strpz uses Little Boy!*

*902 damage to Rising_Sun_03!*

*muthaland has struck Rising_Sun_03, 19 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: HOLY JEZU WAT

Rising_Sun_03: FUX J00 H4X0RZ

muthaland: whoa man

tru_m4n's official announcement of Strz&Strpz's nuking of Rising_Sun_03 to the rest of the world.

Strz&Strpz: thats not all

muthaland: u like Michael Jackson, lol

muthaland: u used little boy

Strz&Strpz: stfu!

*muthaland captures Manchukuo!*

*PuY1 was kicked by muthaland (sockpuppet of Rising_Sun_03)!*

Strz&Strpz: WTF rooskis!!!1212 thats teh meni!!! i fooght th1s hole w4r by myseelf!!!!11111

muthaland: we is allies i take watever the fook i want

Strz&Strpz: ...

*Strz&Strpz uses Fat Man!*

*1142 damage to Rising_Sun_03!*

*Strz&Strpz has killed Rising_Sun_03!*

Rising_Sun_03: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww fuck

Strz&Strpz and muthaland unwittingly initiate the cold war.

boomerangman: lol. Strz&Strpz, uR so fat that you got dropped on Nagasaki

Strz&Strpz: PWN3D

Strz&Strpz: thats that

muthaland: fat man? lol

muthaland: thats even more messed up

Strz&Strpz: fck u, pervert, they were special patch anyway

Strz&Strpz: ull never have them ha ha

muthaland: fck u, gheylord

*muthaland captures U-kr4ne!*

muthaland: ha got ur code b1tch

Strz&Strpz: l0zer

muthaland: mofo

muthaland: entercheat/stealtech

Strz&Strpz: ok b4 next g4me starts, evry1 giv bak ur territories

YouKay: yea evry1 gve back ur territoras

Strz&Strpz: Youkay whats dat in ur invent

YouKay: thats just my territories

Strz&Strpz: give em back...

YouKay: NO, we won dese fair and square.. we have India and South Africa and- we ned the Falklends. We need em for uh... Stratigic Sheep Shearing Purposes. Only if they come to us and ask shall we give dem independance.

*NEXT GAME: Cold War*




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World Wart Zwei

World War II's most known result.

Conflict: The Great War part II (Pink Floyd)
Date: 1940s
Place: The World
Outcome: The Germans lost, again, hahahah!
Allied forces Hitler's Happy Fun Time Band
Large concrete structure Adolf Hitler
Planes 'n' stuff Guhns
32,000. Million. A brazilian

World War I - World War II

World War 2? Oh, that thing. It all started when this German guy named Hitler said "Kill de Jews!" and all his German Nazis started killing Jews and such. (What's the such for?) Now you're probably wondering why the heck countries such as The United States and England or Russia, or Poland, or China, or Italy, or, Canada?, or even Japan was in this war. I would say, "I dunno" if I was stupid but I say "I do not know" because I am smart.

Okay, okay, I know why the United States joined. It all started in... 1941. Some day in Arply where a bunch of pissed off Japanese pilots they called Kamikazes (sp?) bombed a naval base in Hawaii. Back then, Hawaii was still a United States territory. Well so, the U.S. naturally got pretty pissed off so they declared war on all the countries they called the Axis. Well, I know most of this from school and Call of Duty 1-3 and I'm not an expert but this was a "Big" war, per say.

Well, lemme tell you the last 4 years of the war in about a paragraph. Eh hem.

The Germans continued to kill Jews, the Allies invaded Rome, Italy and the Italians surrendered. The war went on for a while and the U.S. and the English climbed up a cliff off a French coast the Germans were controlling, you may of heard of it. It's called D-Day, the D meaning... uh... Delightful? Well the Allies won that fight and we fought some more and the Germans surrendered. Japan didn't surrender so we started something called "The Manhattan Project" or "NUKE!!!" So the U.S. nuked two Japanese cities killing millions and messing up a bunch of babies.


Now Japan isn't evil, Hitler is dead, Italy's not evil and neither is Germany. For some reason, Japan forgave us for nuking them (why?). People now brag about, being "vets". So what if you're a veterinarian? And there's people that brag about being veterans. World War II was a great war, a terrible war, a... Nazi war? So next time you play Call of Duty, say, "Wow, this game is awesome" and then say, "Wow this is about World War II. Hmmmm... Didn't I read an Illogicopedia article about this? Naw, that was Toast...".

This article uses material from the "World War II" article on the Wackypedia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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