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“Who watches Zack Snyder is what I wanna know.”
~ Captain Obvious on Zack Snyder
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Zack Snyder is considered the worst directors of Hollywood along with Steven Spielberg, your mom, George Lucas, Peter Jackson, and Uwe Boll. He is notable for directing Cabin Fever, Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, and Sucker Punch. They were considered a commercial failure.


Beginning and his early works

His adaptation of Watchmen.

When he was first born Somewhere in Packerstan, he realized how much money bad a filmmaker can make. But then, he raised to be a McDonald's chef and an accidental person.

He was a man with no logic. However, the comics helped him make the films. And so do the remakes. He reads the comics and watch the remakes. Of course, they are the porn of Zack. Doesn't make sense huh? Well fuck you! Anyway, he decided to make a Cabin Fever with an Eli Roth, which made it so pornographic everywhere. PANCAKES!

Despite the pancakes, he made Dawn of the Dead, the remake. He remade it because remakes are his favorite medicine.

Dawn of the Dead and Cabin Fever were praised by nobody. Due to that, Zack tries to cook pancakes. Wait, pancakes? What the fuck? Anyway...


Main article: 300

SPARTAAAAAAAAAANS were publishing a comic of themselves. They are planning to star in Zack's movie, 300. This is a work of destruction. Apparently, Leonidas fights with his Spartan army the Persian empire. Does this sound familiar?

Anyway, on its way to post-production, Nolan treated Snyder batshit. Meaning that Heath Ledger should've join 300. Well, why so serious?


Main article: Watchmen

The Dark Knight was big, but this movie was small. All talking. That's right, all talking! TALKING! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! The end.

Well, yeah, The Dark Knight had talking, but this was just a bunch of people in the Who Killed Who with the Comedian.


He died out of nowhere in his age of 100. He died because he starved to death. He wanted to eat all the Spartans, but were extinct. What a sensitive man.

image:Blood Spatter.jpg

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